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About us

What We Offer?

Oigo Telematics offers a new and revolutionary approach to your M2M Business, where you can purchase or lease your M2M GPS Devices allowing you to minimize cost, increase profits, maximize return on investment and quickly put yourself in front of your competitors.

Disruptive Innovation

Join an extremely innovative M2M business model that places our Partners at the forefront of the Internet of Things.
We are the first company to offer M2M device leasing and communication services to both U.S. and International Partners.

Our Services Plans

M2M Device, SIM & Wireless Data Service for as little as USD $1.99 per month. We offer specialized service plans engineered and designed for Stolen Vehicule Recovery, Insurance, Finance, Remote Asset and Fleet Tracking Applications.

Our Mission is Simple

Solve our Partners M2M Device, Connectivity and Capital requirements by introducing a new and disruptive pricing and business model that empowers our Partners to competively enter into new and larger markets with the least amount of investment.

When we began to work on Oigo Telematics, we carefully considered every element that defines the success of an M2M business – Low Cost High Quality Devices, Global Connectivity, Cloud Processing and Storage, Rapid Scalability, and most important, Value for Your Money.

Allow us to be an integral part of the success
of your M2M Business

What we do?

Our Value

M2M Tracking Devices

  • Compact & Low Cost
  • Complete Product Portfolio
  • Theft Recovery, Fleet & Cargo Devices
  • GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G
  • Over 1.8 Million Devices shipped

M2M Data Connectivity

  • Global Coverage
  • Low Cost
  • Easily Accessible
  • Tier 1 Global Carrier
  • M2M Specific Plans

M2M IoT Gateway Services

  • Full Service IoT M2M Gateway
  • Simple App. Dev. Tools
  • Complete Device Configuration, Firmware, Data Usage, & SIM Management

Device Leasing Services

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • International
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • Life Time Device Insurance Included with MRC Plans

Our Products


  • AR Series

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Vehicle Tracking/

Lite Fleet Device


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Vehicle Tracking/

Lite Fleet Device


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Vehicle Tracking/

Lite Fleet Device

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